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Connecticut Joes




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Greetings All!

Boy where do we start! On Saturday May 15th, the first official meeting of CT Joeheads took place. Our host, Dave Michalczyk, was gracious enough to provide the proper LZ at his home in Waterbury. There were five of us, three Daves and two Johns. Dave M. showed us his collection and I know I was drooling a bit. It was good seeing this because now I know I NEED to get more Joes. Excellent collection Dave.

The Firebase was a success! Although there were some US casualties, all VC (provided by Dave Feliu) were routed. The estimated body count was somewhere around 100. Amoung captured equipment was one mortar and a dozen or so AK-47's.

The props used for the Firebase included a hootch, tower, American flag, uncountable lengths of concertina wire and punji sticks. There were 5 machinegun pits, one of which got overrun by the VC before the claymores could be set off. Also two of the 21C Mutts provided mobility.

We set up the firebase and VC assult force and then enjoyed a relaxing barbecue lunch.  Dave, I'm still kickin' so I guess the chicken was cooked. :)  It was great to sit around and share stories of our youth and the rest of our experiences.  After lunch we played with our toys.   And yes, they even got a little dirty. It was a riot and we had lots of laughs. The photos will speak for themselves. It's true that a picture is worth a 1000 words and believe me I'm sure we'll get twice that many. Speaking of which, I dropped off the 3 rolls I took. They'll be ready on Wednesday this week. I'll get a few posted to a webpage by the end of the week.  Dave M. has a few that he took as well.

We also talked about what we would need to do to form ourselves into an official club. Also how we should meet. A once a month meet would be ideal either using it for a swap meet, convention trek, or a area store recon. With the every third meet being used to construct some sort of diaroma. Also decided was to shift the location of the meeting to different locations of the state, so that someone wasn't spending all their time driving.

Dave K. being the moderator of the Connecticut Joes Mail List at One-List, donated the use of the mail list to be used as the official mail list for the CT Joe group. This is great because we can use it to get info out about the club and still use it to let the group know about store recons.  I'll put up a link to this in the next week or so.

As I mentioned above, the film was dropped off and I'll post a few photos by the end of the week and then get the rest up as soon as possible. If anyone has suggestions for the group webpage, please email me at   I'll send out the webpage info as soon as I get the pics posted.

Dave M. is going to be compiling names, address, email addys, and phone#'s into a database for the CT Joe group. Email him at with your info.

For you guys that couldn't make it, we missed ya. But you were there with us in spirit.


I think I got everything. It was just such an incredible day! And it was great meeting other Joes in person.

group.jpg (128497 bytes)

Here's a photo of us playing with our toys.

Standing:  Dave Feliu, Dave Kulwicki, and John Bailey
Kneeling:  Dave Michalczyk and John Kozin

firebase.jpg (115314 bytes)

And THIS is our firebase!