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 Two Years!  Wooo Hoooo!

The Connecticut Joes once again gathered in Cheshire, CT to celebrate their Anniversary. This time, it was the second anniversary.

 The diorama theme was the Pegasus Bridge.  To see the page set up with the info click HERE.


Dave Feliu once again offered his home for the rest of us kids to play.  A big thanks to his wife for letting us come over.

A small stream runs through the back of his home.  Weeks prior, a few of us met and did some yard prep work and dammed up the river in order to prep it for the dio.  It's a good thing too, cause once we removed the dam, there was almost no water!

Heh, I'd love to see that stream now after all this rain.

Another highlight of visiting Dave's place is his Joe room.  It's a jaw dropper.  Dave's also researching a way to convert a metal detector into a Joe detector.  I think I might have a pic or two to post.

There were eight of us this day. We had two long distance participants with Fred Richter coming from NY once again, and Brendon Chamberlain from MA joining us for the first time.  Scott Fritz returned again with video camera in hand to tape the event.  We're looking forwards to that tape!

Although the bridge was not completed (me bad), a Horsa glider and quite a few figures were on hand for the event.

We also raffled off a Dragon Siegfried and a set of Jerry cans.  David Michalczyk

Click HERE to go to the pictures.

And here's all those lovable mugs!

Back Row, L to R:
John Kozin, David Michalczyk, John Bailey, Bill DuFour

Front Row, L to R:
Brandon Chamberlain, Fred Richter, Scott Fritz, David Feliu


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