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The Connecticut Joes are celebrating their 2nd Anniversary!

We are currently planning our Second Anniversary Diorama.  For this event, we have chosen the Pegasus Bridge.  This will be our first historically accurate diorama!


In the early morning hours of D-Day, three Horsa Gliders carrying British Paratroopers of the 2d Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (Oxs and Bucks) landed by the Caen Canal bridge at Benouville

Their mission was to capture the bridge over the Caen Canal and hold it, intact, until relieved.  Striking hard and quickly, the Oxs and Bucks accomplished their mission with great success.

Date: May 19, 2001
Rain Date: May 20, 2001
Time: Noon - 6 PM (or later)
Location: Cheshire, CT
Allies: British Paratroopers
Axis: German Army (Whermacht)
Contact: John Kozin
We welcome all folks to participate.  Several members of the SSRG will be joining us for this event.  We do ask that if you wish to join us that day, you drop us an email and let us know, or if you would like more information about the Connecticut Joes, contact John Kozin at

We will be enjoying a full day of activities.  The diorama will allow us to set up and photograph several scenes from this famous WWII event.  British Paratroopers and German Whermacht troops should be brought.


Outfitting Figures

British Paratrooper German Whermacht
Uniform: 21st Century Brit Paratrooper
Figure: Any (various heads would be great)
Weapon: Sten Guns, Enfields, Bren Guns
Webgear: Standard Brit Paratroop
Uniform: 21C or Dragon German Whermacht. Standard color, no camo.
Figures: Any (various heads would be great)
Weapon: Kar98, MP40, MG34 (no MP44s)
Webgear: Minimums:  Belt/suspenders / ammo pouches / breadbag / canteen / messkits
Note:  Added extras to uniform, such as camo strips on helmet or extra ammo pouches would be good.  Note: These are garrison troops.  Uniforms should be clean and "new". 

Other items needed:

We need sandbags.  Big time!  Any brand is fine.
There weren't any vehicles there, so it's not necessary to have any.
German Machinegun teams are also useful.  We'll need at least 3.
Feel free to bring anything else you think might be useful, we may or may not use it.


We will take a late day break to order out for pizza or other.  Everyone will be asked to contribute if they wish to partake.

Please feel free to bring your trade box, as we'll have some time during lunch to do this.  Also, feel free to bring any figures, customs, etc. that you'd like to show off.

We're also planning to do a raffle, prize(s) yet to be determined, but it'll be something good.  Tickets will be 6 for $5.

The bridge will be spanning a small brook.  A few of us will be dressed for the occasion (shorts/sandals), however you might want to be wearing shorts as well.  A change of shoes might not be a bad idea to bring.

We are expecting warm weather, dress appropriately.  Also consider wearing in a hat as it will be sunny (hopefully) and we will be under some trees as well.

Also feel free to bring your camera for photo ops!

We ask that anyone under 18 attending have a parent or guardian with them to take responsibility.



We are on a dead end street in a residential neighborhood, so traffic volume will be low.

For actual driving directions, please contact John Kozin,

We also need to know if you'll be joining us, so please email!


If you wish to get a better understanding of this battle, rent the movie "The Longest Day", or pick up the book "Pegasus Bridge" by Stephen E. Ambrose

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