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Hello Again!

Once again, the CT Joes met to create a diorama.  This time, the plans were for a German V1 Complex.  However, some Freuleins from the German USO showed up and put on a show for the troops.  A fun time was had by all!

Dave Michalczyk supplied the necessary spot for our diorama.  We met on Saturday, October 23, 1999 at noon and had a helluva time!  There were five of us plus a long distance arrivavle from NY, Fred Richter.  Here's a photo of us:

From left to right:  Dave Feliu, Dave Michalczyk, John Bailey, John Kozin, Fred Richter and Bill Dufour

About mid afternoon we broke for a great lunch.  Burgers, dogs, chicken, various salads and some reaalllllly good donuts for desert (Thanks Fred!)

The troops enjoyed the show and were soon overrun by a group of Allied troops and Resistance Fighters that destroyed the complex.  A few American troops were injured, but almost all Germans were routed.

Because of the earlier fall of the sun, we wound up playing till after nightfall!  Just like when we were kids and the parental units flashed the front porch light for us to come in!  :) 

Thanks for taking a look at the pics.  There's a few that aren't perfect, but as soon as better scans can be done, they'll get replaced.  We hope that you get as much of a laugh outta them as we did.